Ostrichland USA

I think I’m finally recovered from the flu. That was a really bad bout…I felt absolutely terrible Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and finally forced myself back into the office on Thursday. I tried going for a run on Saturday but my lungs felt wrecked from all of my coughing, so I had to stop after a mile and a half. I was finally able to leg out three miles today…it wasn’t my strongest effort, but it was nice to get running nonetheless.

Here’s a few photos from our California trip from Ostrichland USA. I recapped it in a little more detail on our family blog (first update in a year!) but I figured I could double dip and share the photos here too.

Ostrichland's tricked out ride
Ostrichland’s tricked out ride
The noble ostrich
The noble ostrich
Greedy little birds!
Greedy little birds!
Sara feeding the ostriches
Sara feeding the ostriches

A bad flu & California’s central coast video

I’ve been fighting a pretty rough case of the flu the past few days. Sara and I went on a family trip to the central coast of California last weekend, where unfortunately, my sister was sick. Spending a few days in confined quarters with a sick family member, running a half marathon in unusually warm conditions and then hopping on a plane right afterwards didn’t help things.

I took lots of photos and videos during the trip, hopefully I’ll feel better soon and I’ll be able to spend some time editing and then posting.

In the meantime, here’s a video I shot and edited on my phone (iPhone 6S Plus) for Sara’s birthday on Friday. This is the same video that I shared on Facebook, but this time, it’s finally in 1080p!

I think it’s pretty amazing how powerful phones are these days. It’s hard to believe that a phone can record 1080p video at 60FPS or even 4k at 30FPS nowadays. It’s even harder to believe that the phone has enough processing power to edit and render movies!

Expectations for the 2016 Surf City half marathon

T-minus five days until my first half marathon of 2016: the Surf City half marathon.

As I’ve come to expect, the temperature drops to sometimes-unbearable conditions during the months of December and January, but the weather stays pretty conducive to running. There are, of course, many days where it’s too snowy or too cold for a sane person to go running. But more often than not, as long as I layer properly and take my Yak Trax with me, I can run outdoors.

But just because I can go running outsides doesn’t necessarily the mean the conditions are perfect; in fact, it’s still pretty darn miserable that first 5-10 minutes of running in sub-freezing weather. It would be a great excuse for me to stay inside and play video games or watch TV, but the Surf City race I do every year keeps me honest through these winter months and gives me a clear goal to achieve.

This will be my fifth year in a row running this race and sixth time overall; I have one marathon (my first!) and five half marathon finishes at this race. Last year I PRed the distance and course, crossing the finish line with a time of 1:53:42.

My expectation is that I finish the marathon at 1:55 or faster. My goal is to beat my PR last year and my dream race would have my finishing under 1:50.

My training last year vs. this year:

December 2014: 76mi
January 2015: 91.8mi

December 2015: 74.1mi
January 2016: 100.7mi

I ran marginally more for this race than I did for last year’s race. I definitely ran much faster and got some more speedwork in this year, hence my optimism for PR. We’ll see how it goes!

Photo dump: Miles and the snow

One of my New Year resolutions is to take and share more photos. Having a dog as a photographic subject + “magical” snow really helps me out since I can be a pretty a lazy photographer sometimes.

A few photos from yesterday, when the snow just started falling (Canon 5D2/70-200 f4L):

Miles looking on
Miles looking on
Miles shows off his snout
Miles shows off his snout
I missed the focus on this one, otherwise this would've been great!
I missed the focus on this one! But at low resolutions it looks great.

And a few more from today (Canon 40D/40mm STM) after a day of snow. The snowfall was so heavy that the camera’s autofocus focused on the snowflakes in 1/4 of my pictures:

Fun fact: the shovel is for when his poop freezes into the ice and I need to shovel the poop out
Trying to get traction in the snow
Oops his nails need a trim
Showing off his derp face
Getting some air time