Back in the pool!

Early this morning, I went to the George J. Meyers swimming pool in Arvada, purchased my punch card and  got back into the pool after taking a year off from swimming. 

Although the Calgary 70.3 is 8 months away, I needed to start swimming again to build up my fitness. This snow storm that we just had forced me to stop running for a couple days while the snow melts and gave me a reason to get back into the pool.

The pool was great. There are 16+ swim lanes, so no waiting for a lane to open up like I used to have to do at 24 Hour Fitness. I “only” swam for thirty minutes today, but I’m already a little sore. That’ll teach me for neglecting upper body workouts. 

My next step…get back on the bike saddle and rebuild my cycling endurance!

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