Blog and web relaunch

Well, I’m back up and running.

Long story short, my entire website got deleted about six weeks ago. Not just my blog, but everything on my web server. My hosting provider, 1and1, was not particularly helpful when looking for the root cause of the deletion. I want to blame my hosting provider or some other nefarious third party for screwing the pooch and losing all my data, and maybe to a certain extent, I can. But at the end of the day, it was my bad for not keeping regular backups of my website. The last backup I have is at least over one year old, so not all is lost. I’m really bummed that all of my race reports from the past couple of years are gone.

That said, after nearly two months, I’ve finally decided to rebuild and refocus. I’m undecided on the focus of my personal blog, but I think it will still be focused on my hobbies: running, triathlon, photography, video games and more. Sara and my existing wedding website will transition from a wedding webpage and turn into a personal blog for the both of us to talk about our travels, life at home and more.

There’s lots of work on both fronts to get my blog back to the way I like it.

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