Here’s a sign that you’ve got a running problem



When Saucony decided to discontinue their Virrata line of running shoes, I panicked and started stockpiling their shoes. The Virrata and Virrata 2 shoes have been my go-to running shoe for the past three years now; since they tend to wear through pretty quickly, I’ve already wore through five pairs. Luckily, Sierra Trading Post clearanced these out like crazy last fall, so I was able to buy their inventory for my size at 70% off ($30 EACH!) Since I’m starting to get more mileage out of these shoes now (I’m at ~360 miles on my current pair, which will soon be retired to snow/mud running duty) so these three should take me through at least 2017. After that, I’ll have to look at new neutral, zero-drop shoes.

My Newtons that I alternate with (Distance III) have been good to me and I’ve enjoyed running in them. So even though I’m only 1/2-1/3 of the way through the lifespan of my current pair, I pounced on the 2015 Distance IV model when it got listed as clearance at Zappos to make room for the 2016 Distance V. I didn’t get the deal of the century like I did with the Virratas, but I still did pretty well for myself getting them 40% off. I’m pretty happy since Newtons aren’t cheap shoes to begin with.

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