Race Report: Plymouth Rock ‘n’ Run 10k

I finally broke 50 minutes in the 10k race distance last week during the Plymouth Rock ‘n’ Run turkey trot! I used to run the trail that this race was partially on when I first started running as a hobby back in 2007.  So it was a bit of a hometown race for me.

It was a little windy and chilly race morning, but it was nothing compared to the 18 degree start at the Arvada Turkey Trek 10k I ran the Saturday before. I warmed up a little bit before the race with a 1/4 mile jog; I would have been well served to warm up for at least 1 mile, but I had to wait in line at the porta potty. Priorities, people.

I seeded myself in the middle of the pack and had to deal with a little bit of congestion the first half mile. After 3/4 miles in, it was pretty much open road, so I picked up the pace slightly. I stepped up the pace again during mile 3, when I first started seeing the ultra fast runners already on their way back. Once I did the turn myself, I saw that there were a lot of runners behind me. That was a big psychological boost, so I kept up my pace.

By mile 5, I couldn’t believe my pace and time. I even had a shot at breaking 50 minutes if I kept up the pace. “I don’t know if I’ll be in this good of running shape for a while,” I reasoned, and decided to take the pain and go for it. We were running on the trail by then and were off the graded road, so I was feeling great. I crossed the finish line with an official time of 49:43! I may have only broke 50 minutes by 17 seconds, but gosh darn it, I broke it.

My Garmin splits:

Mile Time
1 08:21.8
2 08:09.5
3 07:59.9
4 07:51.4
5 07:54.2
6 07:34.3
7 01:55.9
Summary 49:47:00

Overall: 103/590
Male: 86/275
Men 30-34: 6/25

The Snowmageddon of November 2015 that wasn’t

We were supposed to get an epic snowstorm on Tuesday here in the Denver metro area. Arvada was “only” slated to get 8″-16″ of snow overnight, while south Denver was supposed to get hammered with 12″18″.

Expecting the storm of a century to roll in, I brought my camera to work to record a time lapse of the clouds coming in from the west. Due to a couple hiccups, which included me forgetting to press record and forgetting to bring a power cord, I only ended up getting a couple hours of footage. That compressed down to about five seconds of time lapse:

For reference, this was filmed facing west at about 108th Ave. between Wadsworth Blvd. and Simms St. in Westminster, Colo.

As weather predictions in Colorado often are, the snowfall totals in the northwest metro area were completely off. I think we only ended up getting at most, a couple inches of snow up here in Arvada. But the south metro area did indeed get hammered as promised.

Blog and web relaunch

Well, I’m back up and running.

Long story short, my entire website got deleted about six weeks ago. Not just my blog, but everything on my web server. My hosting provider, 1and1, was not particularly helpful when looking for the root cause of the deletion. I want to blame my hosting provider or some other nefarious third party for screwing the pooch and losing all my data, and maybe to a certain extent, I can. But at the end of the day, it was my bad for not keeping regular backups of my website. The last backup I have is at least over one year old, so not all is lost. I’m really bummed that all of my race reports from the past couple of years are gone.

That said, after nearly two months, I’ve finally decided to rebuild and refocus. I’m undecided on the focus of my personal blog, but I think it will still be focused on my hobbies: running, triathlon, photography, video games and more. Sara and my existing wedding website will transition from a wedding webpage and turn into a personal blog for the both of us to talk about our travels, life at home and more.

There’s lots of work on both fronts to get my blog back to the way I like it.