Photo dump: Miles and the snow

One of my New Year resolutions is to take and share more photos. Having a dog as a photographic subject + “magical” snow really helps me out since I can be a pretty a lazy photographer sometimes.

A few photos from yesterday, when the snow just started falling (Canon 5D2/70-200 f4L):

Miles looking on
Miles looking on
Miles shows off his snout
Miles shows off his snout
I missed the focus on this one, otherwise this would've been great!
I missed the focus on this one! But at low resolutions it looks great.

And a few more from today (Canon 40D/40mm STM) after a day of snow. The snowfall was so heavy that the camera’s autofocus focused on the snowflakes in 1/4 of my pictures:

Fun fact: the shovel is for when his poop freezes into the ice and I need to shovel the poop out
Trying to get traction in the snow
Oops his nails need a trim
Showing off his derp face
Getting some air time

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