The Snowmageddon of November 2015 that wasn’t

We were supposed to get an epic snowstorm on Tuesday here in the Denver metro area. Arvada was “only” slated to get 8″-16″ of snow overnight, while south Denver was supposed to get hammered with 12″18″.

Expecting the storm of a century to roll in, I brought my camera to work to record a time lapse of the clouds coming in from the west. Due to a couple hiccups, which included me forgetting to press record and forgetting to bring a power cord, I only ended up getting a couple hours of footage. That compressed down to about five seconds of time lapse:

For reference, this was filmed facing west at about 108th Ave. between Wadsworth Blvd. and Simms St. in Westminster, Colo.

As weather predictions in Colorado often are, the snowfall totals in the northwest metro area were completely off. I think we only ended up getting at most, a couple inches of snow up here in Arvada. But the south metro area did indeed get hammered as promised.